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I stared at the window. All white, just like the keys I was automatically pressing up and down.


And black, like the coffee by my side.

Or like the other half of the keys, which I also pressed every now and then…


The sky was dark as a Stephen King novel.

The rest was covered in snow.


I stopped for a second to look at my watch:

3:30 p.m.

Daylight was a rare luxury in those

Scandinavian winters.

As beautiful as music is, life is not just about music.

Or coffee.

You´ll probably not become enlightened by my daily posts. Then again, you might...


But one thing I´ll promise:


You won´t get Bored.

In the highly unlikely event that you do, you can always unsubscribe and keep on dreaming your normal dreams.


© 2023 Claudio Constantini

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